Cargo low-cost airline

Transport and logistics project of the Kaliningrad railway. Created as an alternative to road transport. It is designed to attract small and medium-sized businesses to transportation in covered wagons and refrigerated containers and best freight broker training.

What are they offering us?
Consolidated shipments by wagons with goods from Kaliningrad to the most popular destinations – to Moscow, St. Petersburg and back. In one vehicle, the products of several enterprises are assembled. It is also possible to rent a seat in the carriage and divide the cost of transportation among several senders. Delivery is organized on a door-to-door basis. Cargo from the owner’s warehouse to the departure station and from the destination station to the recipient’s warehouse is delivered by trucks.

What are the benefits?
When crossing the borders of Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus by road, delays cannot be ruled out. Russian Railways promises to deliver goods in a low-cost airline in 2 days. This is its competitive advantage, which guarantees not only the timing, but also the reliability of delivery in any period of the year.

As a tool for promoting a new product, Russian Railways has established a system of discounts from March 29 until the end of the year. The tariff preference for such cargo transportation will be up to 50%. The size of the discount depends on the type of cargo and the terms of ordering the service. It is assumed that even without taking into account discounts, a low-cost freighter is cheaper than cars (from 3.4 thousand per ton, cars – an average of 3.5-3.9 thousand rubles).

The first test transportation to Moscow took place in December and confirmed the transportation time announced by Russian Railways. It is planned that after attracting regional enterprises of Kaliningrad to the new service, the low-cost airline will start running on a regular basis – according to the established schedule, once a week or every 10 days.

How much will this service be in demand? Will backloading be provided? Will it really be more attractive than trucking? Will show time.