Bonuses for salary

Do not forget about salary bonuses, which are provided in almost every company, due to the fact that the truck driver is a very popular profession today. Firms seek to retain their employees through various bonuses and, most often these are:

– bonuses for registration and employment for new drivers; – bonuses for monthly mileage. The driver’s truck is rewarded if he has passed a certain mileage in a month; – bonuses for safety. If the driver drives a certain number of miles in a certain amount of time without incident; – bonuses for saving fuel on semi-trailers; – bonuses for net inspections by the Department of Transportation, which conducts an inspection of truck drivers every year; – bonuses for recommending other drivers to get a job in this particular company.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that there is a category of drivers that work for themselves. This is an opportunity to get the maximum profit from the trucking business. An experienced self-employed driver can earn over $221,000 a year.

But there are also risks in such work: the earnings of the driver – the owner of the truck completely depend on how many orders he finds, and how he can save the costs of their implementation to the maximum. And there will be many costs.

The costs of a “private trader” include not only the purchase of a truck, but also the maintenance of the car, the cost of fuel, insurance, taxes, and so on. In addition, it is he who will spend time looking for new clients and monitor payment for services from brokers.

To take on this type of work or not, each truck driver decides for himself. In “private service” there is no ceiling in earnings, but there will be much more problems.